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Hello! We are still here!

It has been quite a while since the last post in September, but now with monitoring season behind us and fire season roaring away I have found a moment for an update on all of it. Monitoring season finished without issue, … Continue reading

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Fall Interns Are Rolling In!

So every year around this time we get a fresh crop of interns from our local academic institution UNCW.  The Environmental Studies program at UNCW offers a practicum program where students can intern for an organization and receive credit.  We … Continue reading

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What’s happening now!

Oh man, there are so many things going on in the Southeast Coastal Plain these days I just don’t know where to begin! Let’s start with fire.  We have been burning up a storm.  The weather conditions have been in our … Continue reading

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Fire Season Begins!

Happy New Year!  It’s been a while since my last post, the holidays and vacation being reason for my slacking, but rest assured 2013 will be full of exciting news from the Southeast Coastal Plain, starting with FIRE SEASON! With the … Continue reading

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Venus flytrap campaign; the half way point

Hello!  Most of you might be aware of the crowd funding campaign we are running to raise money for a comprehensive survey of the Venus flytrap population in the Green Swamp preserve, and if you don’t know about the campaign … Continue reading

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SECP Staff Volunteer Day!

Well it’s not that often we as the SECP staff volunteer for an event…all together.  Last week was one of those times.  Dan, Angie and I traveled to Charlotte to donate some of our time to our River Jam campaign. What is this?  River … Continue reading

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Walk with the Meat Eaters

Saturday was our annual hike in the Green Swamp preserve called Walk with the Meat Eaters! This hike showcases the carnivorous plants of the Southeast Coastal Plain; plants like the Venus Flytrap and pitcher plants. We had a wonderful hike … Continue reading

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