About Us

purple pitcher plant flowers

The Nature Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends.

The Southeast Coastal Plain program of North Carolina is a small arm of the larger entity but our mission is the same.  We have preserved 35,000 acres in this region and will add to that number as we continue into the future.  Our focus is on ecologically significant landscapes like the Green Swamp  and Boiling Spring Lakes where interesting biodiversity thrives.  We aim to protect the biodiversity by mimicking natural processes like controlled burning and we do habitat restoration where appropriate. 

left to right: Dan Ryan, Sara Babin, Angie Carl

Our project office is located at 2807 Market St. in Wilmington, NC.  We have a team of three: Dan Ryan the Project Director, Angie Carl our Fire Specialist, and Sara Babin (myself) the Conservation Coordinator. If you have any questions you may reach Dan, Angie or myself at 910-395-5000 between the hours of 8am and 5pm or visit our website.

Our work creates a healthier landscape and helps communities in many ways by providing open space for recreating and preventing wildfires that could harm development through controlled burning.  This fire brochure explains how fire is the most important management tool in our toolbox!   And this SECP brochure shares specific information about our project!  If you are interested in Venus flytrap protection check out our Venus flytrap brochure.  We want to share our activities and projects with you in hopes that you will better understand and appreciate what we do in this place that is unlike any other.

If you are interested in  supporting our program by making a monetary gift please visit our Ways of Giving webpage.  Thanks!


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