Summer; it’s a transition time in our office.  We are closing things down from FY ’12 and planning new goals and exciting projects for FY ’13.  I like summer because it is a good time to reflect on the year and see what was accomplished.  We had a great FY ’12, here are some highlights:

We did 30 outreach events including the Fire in the Lakes Festival and Wilmington Earth Day, we burned over 4,000 acres in collaboration with our many partners, we started a new adaptive management project in the Green Swamp, and we protected 436 acres on the east side of the Green Swamp.

Now we start thinking about what projects to line up for FY ’13.  Of course there will be the regular day-to-day goals but there will also be new endeavors too.

This summer is special because we have a burn crew, something that the SECP program office has never had.  The crew of three is Lauren Miller, Zack West, and Brandon Besteman.

Lauren is the crew leader and is from Indiana. She has worked on fire crews out west in Washington and Oregon.

Brandon is from Michigan and has worked with TNC Indiana.

Zach is a NC native hailing from Asheboro and is a recent graduate from UNCW.  He is working on the crew this summer and starting grad school at Appalachian State in the fall.

They had their first opportunity to burn this summer on Wednesday.  They did a 50 acre burn at our old dock preserve and will hopefully have a few more opportunities to burn before the summer ends.  Don’t forget that you can follow where we burn on our Google Map!

Here are a couple of shots from the Old Dock burn on Wednesday.  Thanks so much Lee Butzin for sharing the photos.  Lee is one of our best fire volunteers and we could do it without him!

Cheers and Happy 4th of July!!

About secpnc

My name is Sara Babin and I am the Conservation Coordinator for The Nature Conservancy Southeast Coastal Plain program in Wilmington, NC. Our office is responsable for the maintenance and restoration of 35,000 acres of preserve land owned by The Nature Conservancy. We protect the land for ecologically significant species in hopes to ensure a lasting natural history legacy for future generations to enjoy. This blog will highlight our most exciting activities and events with much of the focus being on our controlled burn program. With this blog we hope to share the ins and outs of what we do and how it is bettering the world for plants, animals, and people.
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