Official start to burn season!

Clemmons A burn, photo courtesy of Connor Coleman

This weekend marked the official start to the 2012 burn season!  Together with our partners we have already burned 1,500 acres in the Southeast Coastal Plain!  That is huge!

Back Bay burn, photo courtesy of Connor Coleman

On Friday 1/13 our crew along with the NC Division of Forest Resources burned 450 acres in the Boiling Spring Lakes preserve in an area known as Back Bay.  It was an intense burn consuming a lot of fuel, which is great for the safety of the city.  By consuming the fuel in a controlled burn there is less fuel to burn in the event of a wildfire which lessens the possibility of incident within the city.  The wind was strong and pushed the fire well through the thick vegetation.  Here is a video clip of the fire effects on this burn, it was super intense!  Thanks Connor Coleman for the video coverage!

Clemmons A burn, photo courtesy of Connor Coleman

On Saturday 1/14 our crew assisted the NC State Park crew on a burn in Pender County at a preserve called Sandy Run.  The burn was 150 acres and opened up overgrown longleaf pine savanna so now pitcher plants and other flowering herbs can get the needed sunlight to bloom this spring.

Back Bay burn smoke from the Cape Fear in Wilmington

On Sunday 1/15 we burned 100 acres in our Green Swamp preserve with the help of the NC State Parks crew.  The area burned is known as Clemmons A and is a sparsely vegetated, rehabilitated longleaf pine savanna.  By burning we are encouraging wiregrass growth in the understory.  The burn was cut off at 4:00 due to the sun going down but will be finished on another day.

If you are interested in following where we burn visually please check out our interactive Google map.  It is updated every time we burn.

Conservation Retreat

On a different note, last week we had a Conservation Retreat.  Twice a year all of TNC North Carolina’s conservation staff gets together and discusses different conservation issues and strategies.  Our meeting was at the NC Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill and the focus of our meeting this time was people; how we use, interact, and help people in our conservation work.  It was very informative and a great way to share ideas with our colleagues.

Thanks for looking!

About secpnc

My name is Sara Babin and I am the Conservation Coordinator for The Nature Conservancy Southeast Coastal Plain program in Wilmington, NC. Our office is responsable for the maintenance and restoration of 35,000 acres of preserve land owned by The Nature Conservancy. We protect the land for ecologically significant species in hopes to ensure a lasting natural history legacy for future generations to enjoy. This blog will highlight our most exciting activities and events with much of the focus being on our controlled burn program. With this blog we hope to share the ins and outs of what we do and how it is bettering the world for plants, animals, and people.
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