Exciting News! New Preserve Land Acquired!

An aerial look at the dry Pinch Gut Ridge

On December 29th we acquired 463 acres of land in Brunswick County!  This new property is adjacent to the east side of the Green Swamp preserve and includes 100 acres of nice upland longleaf pine.  We call it Pinch Gut Ridge.  The funding for this acquisition came from a  $450,000 Environmental Enhancement Grant (EEG) from the North Carolina Department of Justice, a $300,000 anonymous private donation, and $150,000 from Ducks Unlimited.

Young longleaf pine

The Pinch Gut acquisition is good on so many levels.  It will allow us to burn an area of the Green Swamp that in the past was unable to be accessed for fire.  We will be able to plant trees and manage the longleaf that is there which will benefit plants and animals alike. 

Georgia false indigo (Amorpha georgiana var. confusa) is a rare plant that grows on Pinch Gut Ridge

The Green Swamp is the largest preserve in our management area and we will continue to add to its acreage whenever we can.


About secpnc

My name is Sara Babin and I am the Conservation Coordinator for The Nature Conservancy Southeast Coastal Plain program in Wilmington, NC. Our office is responsable for the maintenance and restoration of 35,000 acres of preserve land owned by The Nature Conservancy. We protect the land for ecologically significant species in hopes to ensure a lasting natural history legacy for future generations to enjoy. This blog will highlight our most exciting activities and events with much of the focus being on our controlled burn program. With this blog we hope to share the ins and outs of what we do and how it is bettering the world for plants, animals, and people.
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